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lol why is nappa in his underpants?

When is Nappa ever not in his underpants?


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Raditz Saiyan Universe!

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Raditz has been Berserk’d!

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Anon:  I love you, Raditz! Will you marry me?  ~Rag
Raditz:  Wait… Who are you?

Raditz is an impulsive idiot waiting for the wedding day to ask who his bride is.

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Raditz is upset wearing the underpants of someone thinner and smaller than he is.  And he thought those little speedos issued out by Frieza caused some powerfully uncomfortable wedgies!!  However, he’s secretly pleased a prince cape is finally his to wear and it’s even in his favorite color!  The helmet makes him taller than Nappa and he’s polished the horns for some recreational stabbing later, so he thinks this warrior garb is pretty much the coolest.  Unfortunately, his eye catches a full moon moments later and the outfit is immediately annihilated.

((this used as ref, of course!))

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"Saiyans are unable to grow facial hair until middle age.  It’s rare for one to live that long, so only the strongest tend to have any.  Naturally, facial hair is seen as a status symbol of strength and an ability to survive many battles."

King Vegeta uses his beard to INTIMIDATE the young and the weak.

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It’s true.  I AM incredibly hot.  But Nappa wanted to wish me back because we were friends, comrades, teammates, and fellow Saiyans.  Our comraderie was something Vegeta was never able to understand and probably never will.

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